Leadership Team

  • Rocky - Visionary CEO
    Rocky, our visionary Chief Executive Officer, leads the company with strategic insight and a commitment to groundbreaking achievements. His leadership style fosters a culture of excellence, positioning us as innovators in the industry.

  • Agnes - Creative Visionary and Strategic Leader
    Agnes propels product design, innovation, and influencer marketing, steering brand values and product branding decisions. Renowned for her exceptional team leadership and knowledge-sharing prowess, she orchestrates marketing efforts, pioneering our social media presence and leading North American market studies. Her expertise extends to meticulous market research, adeptly identifying potential selling points, strategically ensuring optimal market positioning. Agnes is revered for her multifaceted contributions.

Product Team

  • Doris - Procurement Specialist with Financial Acumen
    Doris showcases exceptional expertise in precise procurement practices and strategic financial management, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness in our operations. She plays a pivotal part in product design and development, contributing significantly to our overall success.

  • Seven - Quality Analyst & Market Research Specialist
    Seven excels in quality analysis, providing sharp pricing insights with a profound market understanding. Her skills in locating products and conducting market research enhance our strategic studies.


  • Eddie - E-commerce Architect and Marketing Strategist
    Eddie excels in Shopify store development, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality. With a talent for crafting compelling video scripts, he drives impactful advertising content. Eddie also manages paid sponsor functions, optimizing brand visibility and market reach.

Video Team

  • Enzo - Visual Storyteller
    Enzo excels in encapsulating our brand essence through compelling visuals and storytelling, ensuring a vivid and impactful narrative.

  • Lamb - Creative Video Artisan
    Lamb, a mastermind behind the camera, skillfully breathes life into our story through captivating video, elevating our brand presence with artistic brilliance.